Why Apply?

Just by being here, considering application, it shows you care about ethics and professionalism in your organization or practice. Being recognized and certified by the ASHMP allows you to easily show this level of commitment to clients and students, as well as potential ones.

Organizations and individual practitioners who are certified by the ASHMP may proudly display the seal and certificate that shows that they are recognized as as representing the highest standards of professionalism in the holistic and metaphysical field.

The ASHMP Seal of Excellence shows potential clients and students that you are committed to an ethical and professional practice. With so many choices, your clients and students can have confidence in choosing you.

ASHMP Certified organizations  and practitioners enjoy the following benefits:

  • ENHANCED CREDIBILITY. Gaining a client’s trust is essential if you are going to have a successful practice. Potential clients can see that you belong to a professional association that has recognized you as meeting a high level of ethical and professional standards, and it will reassure them and give you confidence that you are credible and trustworthy. They will be more willing to take the step of contacting you to make an appointment.

  • PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY LISTING. As a certified practitioner or organization, your Profile will be listed in the Member Directory. Your listing will include a list of your services, contact information, and a link to your website. It will help you network with other Members to support your professional contact list. The Directory is published twice yearly and available to all Members.

  • MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND SEAL OF EXCELLENCE. You will receive a frame-ready Membership Certificate and a Seal of Excellence to display on your website and marketing materials. Each will show the public that you are among the best of the best in the holistic field.

  • SUPPORT FOR YOUR PRACTICE. Approved organizations and practitioners also receive special access to ebooks, discounts on classes, discounted Reiki Insurance, networking benefits, and the ASHMP Quarterly Newsletter, containing valuable insider-only marketing advice for holistic practitioners and educators, and information on the latest developments in holistic and metaphysical practice.