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How to Apply

To apply for certification by the ASHMP, fill out the form for Practitioners or Organizations, whichever applies. Then, use the paypal button on the online application form to submit the application fee.

Applications will be considered when both of these have been completed.

Within two  business days, you will receive a decision on the status of your application.

If Approved:

If approved, you will receive your certificate in the mail, and an email welcoming you to the ASHMP, along with your Seal of Excellence graphic, and membership package by email.

Certification is good for two years, and at that time, you may apply for renewal for $125. We keep a professional directory, and it’s essential that our records are kept current.

If Not Approved:

If your application is determined to not meet the ASHMP Standards, your application fee will be refunded, minus a $10 research and processing fee. Approval means that we have gone over your application, examined your website, and took time to determine if certification is warranted. If not, approved, we will supply reasons, and you may correct any outstanding issues and reapply in 90 days.

Application forms (click the title of the form you wish to use):

Educational Programs and Organizations Application


Independent Practitioner Application