About the ASHMP

There are many holistic and metaphysical schools and practitioners. Yet, not all are the same. In these times of growing awareness of the value of holistic practices and metaphysical knowledge, people are looking for credible, ethical holistic practitioners, and education in the holistic practices and metaphysics that uphold a set of standards.

The Association of Standards in Holistic and Metaphysical Practice is here to help people find practitioners and educational programs in which they can have confidence. We want to reward those who are truly committed to being the best in the business.

We take our role seriously, to award the highest approval to only those practitioners and organizations that truly represent the best in compassionate and moral service, and excellence in practice.

If your organization or practice carries the ASHMP Seal, you have earned this approval. Clients and students can trust that you are offering the quality that they are looking for.

Benefits of Acceptance into the ASHMP

Educational organizations and practitioners that have ASHMP certification are included in a professional directory, may display the ASHMP Seal of Excellence, and receive the benefits of enhanced credibility.

Approved organizations and practitioners also receive special access to:

  • ebooks
  • reduced rates on insurance
  • discounts on classes
  • networking benefits
  • and the ASHMP Quarterly Newsletter, containing valuable insider-only marketing advice for holistic practitioners and educators, and the latest developments in holistic and metaphysical practice.

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